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Is France’s economy taking a nosedive?

Recent events and press coverage seem to indicate that France is struggling on more than one front: François Holland’s decrease in popularity along with last year’s terrorist attacks and numerous cases of industrial action paint a pretty dull picture, but can you believe everything you read in the press?

Striking in France is very much considered as a constitutional right, and one that should be used as and when needed. For example, it has recently been a large part of the French Unions’ strategy to stall the labour reforms proposed by minister Myriam El Khomri. However, it’s often a case of the minority spoiling it for the majority, and while periods of strikes are both disruptive and a indicative of how passionate French workers might be, it is by no means representative of the state of the economy.

There is still plenty of business to be done in France: the country survived the recession without heavy losses, its food and landscape make it one of the favourite holiday destinations in Europe and it remains the fifth strongest economy in the world. However, it is essential that you take into account the Euro exchange rate when you determine your pricing as well as your delivery and business travel costs.



French Marketing - Marketing & Translation Services for British Businesses by French Natives