French translator

Freelance French translator in the UK

I am a qualified and experienced English to French translator with a mind for technical translation, a broad marketing experience and an obsession with French grammar.

My translation qualifications

  • Diploma in Translation, CIoL, UK 2018.
  • Diploma in Public Service Interpreting & Law (Susan Tolman Award), CIoL, UK, 2018.
  • DEUG LEA English and Spanish, Université Stendhal, France, 2002.
  • CIM Marketing Diploma, Southampton Solent University, UK, 2007
  • My linguist's affiliations

  • Chartered Institute of Linguists member
  • National Register of Public Service Interpreter under no. 17229
  • Registered translator with the UK French Consulate
  • "certified Pro" Member. Visit my profile here.
  • I was born, lived and studied in France until 2002, when I moved to the UK and topped up my education with several translation and interpreting qualifications.

    I keep in touch with the industries I work in by joining courses and attending industry events on a regular basis. I suffer from acute language OCD : I am a determined researcher and an obsessive perfectionist. It probably doesn't make me very easy to live with, but it does make me an excellent translator!

    Download my CV for more detail.