French technical translator

English to French technical translator

A technical translation must start with thorough research and requires a technical mind and a will to spend hours reading up about a concept or understanding a project. Here are a few examples of technical translation projects I've worked on:

Architecture and engineering translation

I work with clients such as Ramboll and Woods Bagot on maritime and civil engineering translations such as technical reports and drawings, or on the translation of tender bids.

Marine translation

Clients such as Beneteau, Ocean Safety or Ecosea trust me with the french translation of their technical data sheet, product specifications compliance documents On a more personal note, sailing is a bit of a family thing...

Environment and sustainability

I have the privilege of collaborating with companies such as the Environment Agency and Engie Impact on the translation of fact sheets, white papers on climate and sustainability or Interreg environmental projects.

Translating sustainability and the challenges of an ever-evolving terminology

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