Applying for French citizenship through marriage

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Last updated: May 2023

The criteria

A foreign citizen married to a French national may apply for French citizenship providing they meet certain criteria:

The application

As of May 2023, the list of requested documents as stated by the French government is as follows (all original documents must be supplied along with a photocopy):

If you have children from a previous marriage living with you, they may also become French at the same time as you acquire French nationality. You’ll need to provide: Your spouse must be registered with the consulate and all their documents be in order, including your Livret de Famille (family passport) showing your marriage and all your children. You need to provide proof that your spouse is a French national: You need to prove your knowledge of the French language: And finally... Send your application by post to the French consulate in London (Consulat général de France, Service de la nationalité, 21 Cromwell Road,SW7 2EN LONDON). You will be invited, along with your French spouse, for an interview at the consulate following which the French ministry will then have 12 months to respond to your application

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