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Don’t fear foreign enquiries!


One of the main reservations I hear from customers thinking of targeting a foreign market is: “But what if I start getting some enquiries in French?”  Well, language hurdle aside, it’s all good news, surely….!

Many Marketing Managers and business owners are initially reluctant to get their website or marketing material translated into another language because they can’t handle phone calls or emails in that language. They worry that they will appear unprofessional, damage their brand or miss out on opportunities… All perfectly understandable concerns, but there are simple ways around the problem. All you need is a bilingual intermediary.

Although your 14-year-old niece who is learning some French at school might spring to mind, I suggest going down a more professional route. Many bilingual marketing agents such as French Marketing offer services specifically designed to tackle this particular issue: our Enquiry Support service, for example, allows you to use our French natives as a first point of contact for your customers before moving on to the serious stuff, all through an interpreter.

How it works:

  1. We set up a French Marketing email address allocated to your business  (, which can be used on your French website and literature
  2. In consultation with you, we will write a standard response email acknowledging your client’s enquiry and reassuring them that you will be in touch
  3. We translate their enquiry and forward it to you immediately
  4. We communicate with you as to how you would like to follow it up, be it with a 3-way conference call, a response via email, or we can simply phone them up to find out more.
  5. The communication between yourself and the customer can continue on this basis until further action is needed.



Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on some high-end customers because of something as trivial as the language barrier? What if the one-million-pound customer you have been waiting for was French?


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