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International Trade : transcreation is the new translation

International Trade : transcreation is the new translation.


Traditionally, the Marketing Managers produces a brief, the Copywriter writes the text and the Translator faithfully translates it into a new language for the Graphic Designer to integrate into a separate artwork. This way, you should receive some interest from foreign customers, and hopefully your sales team can find a way to communicate with the prospects to close the deals. Right?


This is not so true anymore: as markets grow increasingly competitive, the international marketing mix can no longer afford to sound foreign and the linguist's role has had to expand from simple translation to transcreation: translators have slowly but surely had to become the copywriter, the market researcher and even the graphic designer all at once, in order to recreate complete campaigns, incorporating a different language and, even more importantly, a different culture along the way.


So, don't ask just anyone to translate your marketing material.


They need to be experienced in marketing and business transcreation and they should spend some time going through your and your competitors' existing material. They should research your target market and make sure your final, translated copy relates to what makes your prospective customers tick, which may or may not be the same as your English customers. They should use local idioms rather than translate British sayings. They should defend your interests in the target country like they were their own. They should jump at any opportunity to make your business stand out in your new market. In short, they should behave as you would expect any member of your team.


Business transcreation is the art of duplicating your British business model in a different language, adapting all aspects to the local trade whilst keeping your main objectives and your USPs at the heart of this new venture.


Finding the right person or agency for the job is the one thing you shouldn't compromise on when setting off on the road to exporting your products or services overseas.


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